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Help us to Choose the Educational Agency, Educational Organizer and a Lecturer of the year

We will start count votes from 1st January 2023 and will be finished on 1st December 2023.

What is it all about and how we started?

For the fourth year, Life Learning Academia is organizing the selection of the Lecturer of the year, the Education agency of the year, and the Educational event organizer of the year.

In 2023 the selection will be extended from Slovenia on the international level. All organizations and individuals are invited to help us choose the Educational agency, educational organizer, and Lecturer of the year:

  • through an IT system by clicking their seminar/event or
  • filling the survey which will be published among 20th -30th day in every month. All votes before or after this date will not be counted.


All visitors of the Best Seminars web page can help us in this effort by clicking an individual seminar, workshop, event published on the platform Best Seminars. IT system of the platform allows an overview of interest (number of views/clicks) at the lecturer and the content offered by lecturers through seminars, workshops, educational experts, and other events, offered by education agencies and education organizers.
Those who do not have seminars/workshops/events published on The Best Seminars platform also have an option of selection for a lecturer, agency, or educational event organizer of the year. They can be nominated for selection by various individuals or organizations which will fill the survey.



The final result is the sum of both methods (views and received votes by survey) which is considered in determining the winner of the year (agency, lecturer, organizer).

We wish you as many effective and successful lectures and events as possible.

*Lecturer of the Year and Agency of the Year announcements usually take place before the AEC Congress.

Are you offering a seminar/workshop/ webinar/conference?

All published seminars are free of charge until the end of 2022

All published seminars are free of charge

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